Drunk Girls in the Bathroom; Blogging Challenge Day 3

If you’re a female millennial that likes to party then you know as well as I do that entering the girls’ bathroom on a night out is always an experience and a half, and never a bad one either. It’s some sort of parallel universe where everyone comes together and looks out for one another like they’re sisters. I feel like I would see a unicorn in there – it’s just a magical place where everyone sprinkles love around like it’s fairy dust, and I fucking love that. From helping that one girl (there’s always one) fix her makeup after crying about a boy, to telling another you’d go lesbian for her because she’s so hot, to sharing a bathroom stall with a random and having a heart to heart with her while you’re naked and taking a piss with your playsuit around your ankles. It’s a bonding experience like no other.

We need to be more like drunk girls in bathrooms

Something I’ve noticed recently is how girls are often so quick to snap into a negative, bitchy, self defence mode when we feel threatened by another woman. And of course this is a major generalisation, not all girls are like this. But I know I myself am guilty of this at times, and it’s something I really want to change.  If your ex moves on with another girl, or the boy you like starts following a new girl on Instagram, what is our automatic response? We stalk her pictures. We pick her apart, trying to find any flaws we can to make us feel better about ourselves. We make negative judgements about her character when we don’t even know her. Why do we do this? 

It’s so detrimental and counterproductive to yourself and women as a collective.  We have been fighting for equality for women for so long, so shouldn’t we take any opportunity we can to make each other stronger, more confident people,  rather than belittling one another?

Lift each other up. Find beauty in all women. Empower one another. Be a drunk girl.


S x


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